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Visual Web Spider is an award-winning application that tracks the links you have on your website and gives you an idea of the presence you have on major search engines like Google and Yahoo.

The program performs a comprehensive scan of all the links on the Internet. It will show you the metadata related to each (title, key words, description) so that you can optimize your links and position them better in the search engine results.

The program supports up to 50 simultaneous thread searches and will give you very useful information that will tell you whether you have links that are inactive or defective. Visual Web Spider can guarantee searches of up to 200,000 URLs per hour.

Also, you'll be able to export the list of URLs and their metadata as a text file, Excel spreadsheet, Microsoft Access database, or mySQL file.

With Visual Web Spider, you'll be able to find the links that need to be optimized in order to gain more popularity and exposure in Google and Yahoo search results.

Trial version lasts for 21 days.

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